After School Care Programs

St. Paul's after school care programs are held at both the South and North Campus daily. 

North Campus Homework Program

The North Campus Program (also known as Homework Club) offers an after-school homework program, held Monday - Thursday from after school until 5:30 PM in Room #11 (Art Room) of the NC School Building.  Faculty members, and other teachers facilitate this program and will help students with their homework if they are in need of assistance. 

Before and After School Care (BASC)

The South Campus Program is commonly referred to as BASC or (Before and After School Care). The BASC after school program is run by members of the staff of
St. Paul's Early Childhood Center and held in the cafeteria of the grade school building.   After care at the SC is held Monday - Thursday for all SC students requiring after care from after school until 6:00 PM.  On Friday all children requiring after care, from both campuses (NC & SC), are at the SC.  Students from the NC are brought down by a St. Paul's school bus driven by a licensed bus driver. 

After School Care Fees

Fees are due by the end of each month. If fees are not received by the end of the month, a 10% late fee will be assessed. Fees delinquent by the end of the following month (60 days late), may result in services being denied to your child until the entire amount is paid.

Checks are to made payable to St. Paul’s Lutheran School. St. Paul’s Lutheran School Tax ID Number is 430687407

Homework Program Details for Parents

Our after-school homework program is available Monday through Thursday after-school at St. Paul's Lutheran School. Below are some guidelines to ensure success for all:

  • Teachers need to bring the Homework Program students in from dismissal at 3:30 to the art room (# 11) and stay in that room for the duration of the program. 
  • If parents detain you after school, please explain that you will be happy to meet with them or call them later, but you are expected in the homework program.
  • Once inside the room, begin to pass out snacks (please do not let the kids do this themselves) plus a drink (one per student), allow students to use the restroom at your discretion, and ask students to get their assignment notebooks out.
  • Check each student’s assignment book for their homework. If they claim to have no homework they can always study spelling, memory, or their daily notes. Third and fourth grade spelling and memory lists can be found in the homework club shelves in the art closet. You can also find a large number of teacher guides in the resource room if needed. Certain “forgetful” students may claim to have no homework, but really do. Check with their homeroom teachers if you are unsure. Students should not use the computer lab.
  • Please walk around the room, check on work, keep students focused and quiet, and help students in any way you can. Remember that the students and their work come first before anything you bring to work on yourself.
  • When students have finished all homework they may read. If they need a book they should go back to their room and get one. Students should either do homework or read a book until 4:15. They may draw quietly after 4:15.
  • When all students have finished homework or most are finished they can talk quietly or draw. Please wait until close to recess time before you allow this.
  • Recess is at 4:45; please go outside whenever possible to let the kids run and play. Please do not let kids get balls from other rooms, unless it is your room. Please unlock the North door after recess and lock it again before you leave.
  • ** Parents need to come inside and sign their student out of Homework Program. Please make sure you sign the sheet each time you work also.
  • Parents have the phone number to the art room if they need to call you for anything, so please answer it.

For additional questions on our Homework Program, contact Mrs. Bonnie Hesse at