Early Childhood Center News

October 2017

Watch ‘em grow! As the fall season settles in and we see summer plants withering, we’re  seeing many signs of fresh growth at the ECC. Your children are growing each day. I encourage you to read your child’s classroom news and notes so you can supplement their at-school learning. Every parent has the opportunity to be a “gardener”! May God support each of you as you nurture your precious seedlings! Here is an interesting blurb from Appelbaum Training Institute:

Children and Roses
Roses can grow by themselves, but they may not really thrive.  There may be weeds.  They may never reach full bloom.  They may have different plant diseases.  They need the caring loving touch of a gardener.  Working with children is like working in a garden. Children too need to be tended to grow straight and tall, to fully blossom.  They need tending when they are going off the path.  They need to be checked regularly to make sure there is nothing interfering with them thriving.  They need the sunshine, water and plant food of your caring. You make a difference!

Reminder: School Pictures are being sent home. You may purchase (pay online) or return them by next WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 18. So many cute faces!

Fall for Books! Hopefully you are enjoying reading with your children and then coloring in the pumpkin faces. Maybe a trip to the library is needed, too! As you complete your pumpkin, please return it to school for a prize and to see your pumpkin added to our patch.

School T-shirts and Sweatshirts for Children and Adults are available for purchase. See attached blue order form. Orders due WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 25.

A New Tire Hill has been added to our playground. The children are enjoying crawling or balancing on it. Special thanks to Mr. Offerman, Mr. Wissmann, and Mr. Ziegler for volunteering their time and construction skills and to Mr. House for donating extra tires.

Hot Lunch option is now being offered to South Campus students in Mrs. Dunlop and Mrs. Thomas’ classes for a trial month in October. 

South Campus classes (Mrs. Dunlop and Mrs. Thomas) will have Early Dismissal on Thursday, October 19 and No School on Friday, October 20 due to Parent/Teacher Consultations. 

New Faces are appearing at the ECC. We welcome more new staff members who are bringing creativity and loving care during our afternoon hours: Miss Joey and Miss Hannah.

Fire Safety is a big topic this month. We suggest that you discuss your own fire safety tips at home, including your escape route and your safe meeting place outside. Monday, October 16at 9AM a Fire Truck will visit and help us with a fire drill.

ECC Costume Parade will be Tuesday, October 31 at 9AM. You may send your child in a friendly costume. NO masks, weapons or gory characters. Let’s have some fun with make-believe! Children will receive some treats but we ask parents to be responsible for checking all treat bags to be sure that it’s safe for your own child. 


  • October 18, Wednesday- Pink Day! (See attached pink note)
  • October 18, Wednesday – Photo Orders due
  • October 25, Wednesday – Sweatshirt/T-shirt orders due (See attached blue note)
  • October 21, Saturday- All School Auction at the Marriot West Hotel
  • October 27, Friday, 5:45-8 PM- Trunk or Treat! Sign up by Oct. 20 at 314-374-3550
  • October 29, Sunday- Reformation (See attached, opposite side of pink note)
  • October 31, Tuesday, 9AM – Costume Parade!
  • November 7-14, Scholastic Book Fair at the ECC
  • November 15, 16, 17 – South Campus classes (Thomas/Dunlop) No School
  • November 23-24 – NO SCHOOL due to Thanksgiving, ECC closed