Kindergarten News

Kindergarten News
Weiss Room 102

Snack Schedule:

This week: Raymond

Next week: Arianna


NO SCHOOL! Monday, September 5th

What’s happening in school?

Reading-The letter for the week is Ff and our Alphafriend is Fifi Fish. Sight Words- my, like Remember to complete their orange reading folder activities (sent home on Thursdays) and return everything in the same folder by Monday.

Math- We will be learning, creating, and sorting geometric solids including: cylinders, cones, spheres, cubes, and rectangular prisms.

Science- We will be wrapping up our healthy bodies unit.

Jesus Time- The Garden is Close- Genesis 3. Adam and Eve disobeyed God and had to leave the Garden of Eden.

------------------Please detach the bottom and send back in the yellow folder----------------------------

Please circle Yes or No for church attendance for the weekend of August 27th- 28th Name_______

Church                Yes        No Sunday School              Yes         No