Kindergarten News

Kindergarten News

Snack Schedule:

This week: Sasha

Next week: Jaxon


The kindergarteners will have a substitute teacher this Friday and following Monday while I’m in CA running a ½ marathon.

School picture forms are due on Tuesday, October 4th. You also have the option of ordering online or doing picture retakes.

Please sign and return the field trip permission form that was sent home today.

Shapes in God’s world homework project was sent home today in your child’s folder. Please email me with any questions.  The project is due Oct. 17th.

What’s happening in school?

Reading- Our new letter for the week is Tt and our Alphafriend is Tiggy Tiger. Last week was a challenging week as we started blending sounds together to make words. Continued practice and exposure to letters and sounds will help their reading process continue to improve.    Sight Words- (no new sight words)

Math- This week we will work on positional words

Social Studies- Shapes in God’s World. The 5th/6th graders will be visiting us on Monday to help us with our computer house project.

Jesus Time- Joseph’s Brothers got food in Egypt: Genesis 41:37-45:15

------------------Please detach the bottom and send back in the yellow folder----------------------------

Please circle Yes or No for church attendance for the weekend of October 1st- 2nd Name_______

Church                Yes        No      Sunday School              Yes         No