Kindergarten News

Kindergarten News
Weiss Room 402

Snack Schedule! This week: Sasha Next week: Jaxon

Reminders: Please make sure your child has an art shirt and headphones.

It’s hot outside! If your child would like to bring a waterbottle for recess, please send one in their backpack

What’s happening in school?

Reading- This week we will begin with our Alphafriends. The letter for the week is Mm and our Alphafriend is Mimi Mouse. We will begin our whole group lessons and small group stations with all kindergarten students. Sight Words- I, see, a

Math- This week we will be focusing on math terms including: Alike/Same, Different, and we will be sorting by color and shape.

Science- This week we will be learning about our senses

Jesus Time- God Created People- Genesis 1:26-31. We will learn about when God created the world and everything in it.

-------------------Please detach the bottom and send back in the yellow folder----------------------------

Please circle Yes or No for church attendance for the weekend of August 13th-14th

Church                Yes        No Sunday School              Yes         No