Kindergarten Update

Miss Weiss’ Classroom News!                                                           April 4th-8th       Things you’ll need to know:
·        I will be teaching Monday, but the rest of the week I will be in Michigan for my grandfather’s funeral and the funeral of a family friend. Dana Meyer will be covering for me the rest of the week. The K’s will have a great week with her.

-Reading: During this week we will not have reading groups like we normally do in the morning since we will be taking 1 achievement test at the start of the day. I incorporate movement breaks throughout the test to help them stay focused. Barb Mackenzie will be administering the tests in my absence since the k’s are more familiar with her in the classroom.  Sight words: n/a

-Math: We will be adding and subtracting money and practicing sequencing.

-Jesus Time: Thomas Sees Jesus: John 20:24-29

-Social Studies: This week we will be learning about Japanese writing and comparing different aspects of their culture with ours.

-Snack Time! This week: Hadley Next week: Paul
   - -  - please detach the bottom and send back in the yellow folder- - -


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