Kindergarten News

Kindergarten News

Snack Schedule:

This week: Arianna

Next week: Matthew


St. Paul’s Golf Tournament! Join Mrs. Hohenstein and I on the course Friday, September, 30th! Register online or fill out a registration form! St. Paul’s Fun Run- Wednesday, September 21st at Des Peres Park. Check the newsletter for more information. Mark your calendar- Monday, October 17th our class will be going to Steckmeyer’s Farm for our first field trip! Parents are invited to come. A permission slip will be sent home within the next few weeks.  

What’s happening in school?

Reading-The letter for the week is Vv and our Alphafriend is Vinny Volcano. Sight Words- the, and

Math- We will continue to work with geometric solids and review plane shapes.

Science- With this short week, we will be doing a fun apple unit and experience baking with our class for the first time!

Jesus Time- Noah and the Flood- Because of people’s disobedience, God destroyed the world with a great flood; in His mercy, God saved Noah’s family and an ark full of animals.

------------------Please detach the bottom and send back in the yellow folder----------------------------

Please circle Yes or No for church attendance for the weekend of September 3rd-4th Name_______

Church                Yes        No Sunday School              Yes         No