Academic Performance

2015 School Wide Performance

At St. Paul's Lutheran School, we are blessed with great staff, students and families that all work together to help children achieve their best academically. K-7 students are given the Stanford Edition 10 test. Students in grades 3 and 6 are given the Otis Lennon achievement test. Click here to review current and past achievement test results.


We know the importance of technology in the classroom for the future success of our students. For that reason, we offer computer lab time, internet safety classes and iPad access for all students. Students in our higher grades have full time access to iPads and other resources.


Children learn to read at different rates. Therefore, we use a balanced literacy approach at St. Paul's Lutheran School. We assess each student's reading level throughout the year and use this information to work with children at their own level. The balanced literacy approach is a comprehensive program of language arts acquisition. Through group and individual reading, spelling, phonics, phonemic awareness activities, writing, teacher observations and assessments, our children master written and oral communication at a pace appropriate to their learning styles and natural abilities.