The "Band Thing"

St. Paul's Music Education from a Parent's Perspective

Guest Blog by Heather L., Parent

One of our 6th grade students participates in a combined band concert with other Lutheran school students at Lutheran South High School.

One of our 6th grade students participates in a combined band concert with other Lutheran school students at Lutheran South High School.

Band starts in 5th grade at St. Paul’s. Your 5th grader gets to choose between band and choir. Some years they can do both but they have to pick at least one.

When my oldest chose band, I was surprised - I assumed she would choose choir. I knew nothing about band. I went to the informational meeting at Lutheran South and filled out the forms, signed all the paperwork to rent to own a clarinet, and bought a music stand.

The “band thing” turned out to be a great decision. Emma played all 4 years at St. Paul’s. She was invited to play in Junior Winds in 6th grade. After Junior Winds practices she would come out with a huge smile on her face, and I knew it was worth the efforts.

As a high school sophomore she plays in Wind Symphony at Lutheran South. She has many friends in band and it has become such a big part of her life. In fact, she will go on the band tour this spring.

The first middle school band concert of the year is October 27th. That concert is so much fun to attend and hear the difference in the 5th through 8th graders. And, to realize the 5th graders just picked up their instruments a few months ago and look at how much they have learned.

My 6th grader is in band and he loves it as much as his sister. He attended the band camp that Lutheran South holds every year in the summer and loved it. Looking forward to seeing many St. Paul’s parents at the band concert.

In the tradition of so many Lutheran schools, we at St. Paul's Lutheran School in Des Peres place a special focus on the music education of our students. In the tradition of Martin Luther, we believe that music offers a special opportunity to worship, honor and glorify our Savior. As educators, we know that musical training helps our students develop language, reasoning, coordination and self esteem. Kids that participate in music curriculum are more likely to stay engaged, and to find success long after their school days.

If you're interested in learning more about our education approach as a private Lutheran school, we'd love to share more with you. Click here to contact us online to request information or to schedule a tour of the St. Pauls Lutheran School campus in Des Peres. 

Special thanks to Heather - and to all of our parents who choose to share their experiences in private education at Lutheran Schools. This not only helps parents of our younger children, but it helps those parents considering making St. Paul's Lutheran their church or school home.