Celebrating your child's baptismal birthday

Guest Blog by Ann P., Parent

I remember when I was registering our Ellie for Kindergarten (now in 5th grade), having a mix of emotions as I was going through all of the questions and lines of information. I could not believe that I was actually registering my baby for school! I specifically remember getting to the question asking the date of her baptism. I thought to myself, “Wait, what? Well, I don’t remember the actual date! I know she was 6 weeks old. Let me find a 2006 calendar and I’ll figure it out. Why do they need to know the specific date? I hope that I can figure this out! Oh I’ll go look at her cross hanging in her room with the date on it!”

As Ellie continued through her first year of school, I remember the day that she celebrated her baptismal birthday in chapel. That caught my attention and I thought that was different, but definitely special. Then a few years later, I was filling out the same paperwork for our Reid (now in 2nd grade) and the same thoughts went through my head…so I quickly went to his room to check his cross.

The school years passed and baptismal birthdays were celebrated at school. I remember thinking it was sweet when seeing the paper white dove with their names and baptismal dates on it come home in the backpacks. I also noticed that as we became friends with more people at St. Paul’s, that it wasn’t just the students that celebrated this important day, but adults too…I saw posts on Facebook of people acknowledging this to others….And it struck me: Wow. I always knew that I would baptize my children and I knew the importance of doing it for young children. However, I didn’t realize the importance of celebrating, remembering and acknowledging it as we grow older until more recently.

In a sense, our baptismal birthday is more important than our actual birthdays. This is the anniversary of becoming God’s child and I feel it is so important that this is celebrated and acknowledged. I think that it is so special that St. Paul’s focuses on and continuously celebrates this for our children. I think that it is so important to remind our children that God has chosen them as his own and this is something to celebrate. I was baptized at St. Paul’s in 1977...I guess I need to go find my baby book so I can celebrate this day with my children too. J

Just in case you wanted to attend or were interested in the Baptismal Remembrance chapels this school year, here are the dates that are planned for the celebrations:
· On 9/2 we celebrated July, August, and September baptisms
· On 11/9 we celebrated October, November, and December baptisms
· On 2/3 we will celebrate January, February, and March baptisms
· On 4/28 we will celebrate April, May, and June baptisms

The celebration of this important day is just one more reason why I am so thankful that God has put our family at St. Paul’s.

Special thanks to Ann and to all of our parents that take time to share their experiences as parents of our Saints here at St. Paul's Lutheran School. We are so honored to help develop these strong faith traditions in our students each day from pre-kindergarten through elementary and middle school

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