105,000 Page Principal's Reading Challenge
March 1 - 31, 2019

Mrs. Profilet is challenging the students to get away from “screens” (TV, computers, video games, and cell phones) this month!  Research shows that the average school age child spends more than 4-7 hours per day in front of "screens".  Turn off video and screen "noise" and "visual noise" and open a book - teachers and parents too!!!  Any reading (outside textbook reading assignments will count) - Book Fair Books, Book Report Reading (outside of class time), Leveled Reading Chapter Books (not read in class), Magazines, Scripture, Devotions, etc. WILL ALL COUNT).  If you skip a few nights, that's OK, it is your overall reading for the month that counts!!

The form to log your reading was sent home at the end of February with each student and is available to print at the link below or in the school offices.  Each child (and family) is asked to track their reading for the entire month - list total pages PER DAY - then return the form to us at the end of the month.

If the students REACH this goal of 105,000 pages read, there will be a school-wide popcorn/movie afternoon for each class on Field Day, as well as an "extra recess" day.  Parents, we need your help by "modeling" night-time reading and signing off on the student's daily progress.