Changes for 2018-2019




With the new building and physical changes to the North Campus beginning this fall, we have made changes to classroom locations for this upcoming school year.  We assume these changes will remain in place until we are ready to move into the new K-8 building (approximately mid-year of the 2019-2020 academic year).

South Campus

  • Kindergarten:  Room #101 (downstairs) – Mrs. Hohenstein and Mrs. Wade
  • Afternoon Kindergarten, Spanish, Music, & Library:  Library Room (upstairs) - Mrs. Wade
  • 1st Grade:  Room # 104 (downstairs) - Mrs. Burford    
  • 2nd Grade:  Room # 203 (upstairs) - Miss Wehmeyer
  • 3rd Grade: Room # 102 (downstairs) - Miss Hemler
  • 4th Grade:  Room # 103 (downstairs) - Miss Rudsinski
  • Resource, Small Group Math, Counseling (upstairs, in office complex) - Mrs. Cannon, Mrs. McCain, Miss Ericson 

North Campus

  • 5th Grade:  Room # 3 (south end) - Mrs. Eyster
  • 6th Grade:  Room # 2 (south end) - Mr. Hohenstein
  • 7th Grade:  Room # 6 (middle) - Mr. Sterling
  • 8th Grade:  Room # 7 (middle) - Mrs. Rice
  • Science/Math:  Room # 8 - Mr. Rudzinski
  • Math & Homework Program:  Room # 1 - Mrs. Hesse
  • Spanish/Art/Athletic Storage:  Room #9 - Mrs. McCain and Mrs. Holmes
  • Resource:  Room # 5 (south end) - Mrs. Cannon
  • Nurse’s Office:  Room # 4 (room next to teacher work-room) - Mrs. Farrell
  • To be demolished:  nurse’s office, north-end bathrooms, and former art room, science lab, 8th homeroom, and resource room.

The new standards for St. Paul’s dress code (all shirts logoed and no purple or red polo shirts) will be 100% in effect by January 1, 2020; however, the School Board has agreed to the following alterations to the timeline of the new dress code regulations:

  • Students may wear purple or red logoed collared shirts on Mondays (as part of Spirit Wear Mondays)
  • Students may wear red logoed collared shirts during the Wednesdays of Advent.
  • Students may wear purple logoed collared shirts during the Wednesdays of Lent.
  • Black, White, Gold, or Maize will not need to be logoed until mid-year – 2019-2020.
  • Honey Gold, both gray options, red and purple polos were to (and are to remain) logoed with the triple cross logo.

Our school staff, through a very generous donor, was able to purchase an additional 30 chrome books and chrome book charging cart for the South Campus.  St. Pauls’ K-4 will have 60 chrome books on two carts for student use while St. Paul’s 5th – 8th grades will also have 60 chrome books on two carts to share.  Teachers will be utilizing more Google platforms for
instructional and assessment use.  7th and 8th graders will still have i-Pad use this academic year, but St. Paul’s Technology Committee will be revising long-range technology plans, analyzing the use of both i-Pad and chrome books for student use, as well as instructional displays for teachers.

Fast Direct, our current student information system, has served us very well and for many years.  This fall, we will research various programs to further advance and enhance our communication system.  The office intends to have the decision made by January, use spring months to upload information and train staff, and utilize the new system by the summer of 2019.

Even though there will be two more grades housed in the South Campus, the South Campus staff does not believe there needs to be changes in the drop-off or pick-up procedures.  Please be aware that more cars may wish to drop off downstairs, so if all spots are taken, please pull around the driveway to the upper level for drop-off.  Students certainly can find their rooms by using the stairs.

Our staff has been told by our architects that our drop-off zone and procedures at the North Campus should not be dramatically affected by the building and staging areas for construction.  Students will be dropped off by the west gym door (any time after 7:30 a.m. and until 8:00 a.m.)  When exiting, it is imperative that the cars go straight (or even veer left past the staging area) to the third (north end) driveway.  Once construction begins, please DO NOT plan to park on the north end for arrival, unless you park up against the fence towards Ballas Road. These directions, as well as diagrams, will be available for you in the St. Paul’s Family Handbook, which you will receive on Early Bird Day. 

We will be STARTING THE YEAR with the new pick-up procedures in anticipation of losing the space we used for previous years’ pick-up procedures in the fall. The North Campus staff will keep the spaces near the flag-pole “coned off” during the typical school day and use the sidewalk near the flagpole for grades 5-8 dismissal.  Teachers will escort their classes out to the west sidewalk and coned spaces at 3:15 p.m.  Grade 5 will gather towards the north end of that sidewalk (towards the north parking lot), followed by sixth, seventh (in the middle), and Grade 8 (towards the end of the sidewalk towards the church).

Athletes preparing for 3:30 practice will not come outside, so there will be less than 80 students gathering for pick-up.  We will still use a cross-walk to escort the students to their cars, using the cross walks. We still ask that cars do not move until directed to do so by St. Paul’s personnel.

For North Campus dismissal, we ask drivers to form TWO LINES (approx. 6-8 cars before the cross walk and 10-12 cars behind the cross walk). Put the cars in park or even turn off the engine until you are directed to move.  When exiting the campus, please refrain from using your cell phone to pay attention to kids and safety rules.  Cars will need to leave by exciting straight or even veer left (if needed around construction) to exit out the north end driveway. Please DO NOT exit out the middle driveway.

North campus classes, grades five through eight, do have some planned recess time during their lunch period time.  Knowing the current playground will be removed for construction, the North Campus teachers will make every effort to utilize appropriate space (far north end of playground when safe or even Des Peres Park, grassy area on the east side, when feasible).  We know students of all ages need to exercise, play, and gather fresh air, so we’ll do everything we can to grant upper grade students that outside time.

We have been told that the old north campus library will be safe and be free of loud sounds during most times of demolition and construction.  If we need to move Art or Spanish students a few days because of the noise, quality of air, or vibrations, we have options in rooms # 1, # 5, or in the church basement, depending on time and sizes of classes. We will keep your kids safe!

The South Campus library has been re-organized and sorted. South Campus classes will still have scheduled library times written into their weekly schedules. Some of the third and fourth grade leveled books have been moved to the South Campus.

The North Campus library room (the last room, not effected on the north wing) will now house the 5th – 8th art classes and the 5th – 8th Spanish classes, as well as function as athletic storage (as the north end storage room will also be removed as part of the building process). North Campus classes will not have formal library times available to them, as most North Campus books have been placed in storage until the move into the new school library in the new K-8 school building.  Students will have access to on-line options or assistance by teachers when books are needed or required for assignments.

St. Paul’s manages two “leveled libraries”, mostly for students in grades kindergarten through fourth.  Third and fourth grade leveled series have been moved and/or remain at the North Campus for use by teachers and their reading groups. 

On behalf of the faculty and staff, we thank ALL THOSE PARENTS and FRIENDS who assisted in purging old books, sorting, packing, and moving our thousands of library books. 

Any new plan or procedure will certainly be evaluated. If needed, any of these announced changes may need to be “changed” again. This is an exciting time on our campuses and we look forward to providing a smooth transition.  Any questions can be addressed to Mrs. Janet Profilet, Principal at or (314)822-2771, extension 300.