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Congratulations to Mrs. Bonnie Hesse and her 2019 Academic Team. The weekend of February 8 & 9, 2019, they competed with 19 other schools in the 11th Annual LSAM Scholar Bowl in Jackson, MO, and after two days of competition, came out of the tournament state champions!

The tournament began with pool play on Friday evening.  The Saints were seeded first in Pool C with stiff competition.  On Saturday morning, the team learned they had captured the second seed in the Gold Bracket for the final rounds of competition.  They knew they were in for a challenge when their first match was facing a very strong team.  They won that match and then went on to compete again and after regulation, the teams were tied.  Once again the Saints were faced with trying to win a tie breaker (first team to correctly answer 3 questions wins).  The two teams were back and forth and tied again after 4 questions. For the final questions, a team member buzzed in as the question was being read and answered the question correctly giving the Saints the opportunity to compete for first place!  They were set to compete against tough competition.  The championship match was full of excitement.  With two questions left to play, the score was separated by one question.  The match ended with St. Paul’s winning by 30 points!  We again congratulate all the team members for contributing throughout the day and the 8th graders for their leadership and knowledge!

This is the first time in academic team history that St. Paul’s has taken first place at the state level to win the Scholar Bowl State Championship!  This team always played as a team, respecting each other’s talents.  They are humble with a Christian attitude and played giving God the glory and representing St. Paul’s and their families well.  The team has a fun exciting weekend and made a lot of memories that they will cherish in the years to come!  Way to go Saints!!

March Madness came early this year in Jefferson City, Missouri!

Boys’ Basketball Team Wins 3rd Place at the State Tournament and the prestigious Sportsmanship Award!

State Basektball 2019.png

Our boys’ basketball team competed in the LSAM State Basketball Championship this weekend with the 12 best teams in the state and wow, I mean WOW!

The boys were the 6th seeded team in the tournament and on Friday night they won 35-27, but that was just the beginning of the fun. At 8:00 AM Saturday morning, we faced the 3rd seeded team. That team was known for being a great 3 point shooting team. Our guys played tough defense and held them to just one 3 point shot during regulation. The game was tight the whole way and the other team was very good. They had a one point lead at half time and a two point lead after 3 periods. In the final quarter they had a two point lead with just seconds to go and they had possession of the ball. We needed a steal or a quick foul to stop the clock. The inbound player saw a teammate cutting toward the basket and threw the pass that might put us away. Our team took the ball hard to the hoop and scored a game tying layup as the horn sounded. In the 2 minute overtime session we scored the first two points but the other team nailed a clutch 3 pointer to go up one with less than a minute left. We had a pressure packed one and one at the free throw line. Miss both and we lose; make one and maybe double overtime; make both and we are victorious. We made the first shot – tied.  We made the second shot – up by one.  We played great defense and held on for a gutsy, dramatic, one point come from behind, overtime victory, putting us in the final four. The boys are 3-0 in overtime games this year. We also held two strong State teams to less than 30 points the first two games.

At 1:00 PM on Saturday, we faced the very strong 2nd seeded team.  Again strong defense kept us close. Our opponent had a one point lead at halftime.  We played a great third quarter and took a tiny one point lead after three. The fourth quarter was a tough battle of two strong teams trading blows. The other team had a one point lead with just 5.8 seconds to go in the game. After an opposing team foul trimmed the time to less than 3 seconds, we took the ball strong to the rim got a good look and shot as the horn sounded. The ball was just short and the other team escaped with a hard fought victory, but we had them scared the whole game and once again held their high powered attack to just 33 points for the game. Several LSAM board members said it was the best game of the tournament and our guys played great even if we came up one point short.

The Saints then played for 3rd place against another tough team that had already beaten us three times this season. They were this year’s nemesis but in the first three defeats we kept getting the score closer and closer losing to the them by a small margin in City Playoffs a few weeks back. Our guys came out strong in the game and led 8 to 5 after one period, again playing shut down defense. Our guys took a 7 point halftime lead but we had a tough 3rd quarter and they cut our lead to one point after three. The final quarter was quite a battle as the offense picked up on both sides. They scored 18 points in the quarter. But… the saints scored an incredible 22 points in the final period. We nailed 7 free throws down the stretch to ice the game and secure the hard fought 3rd place victory over an opponent that we were finally able to defeat. Our team was certainly the talk of the tournament as so many told us that our guys played so hard, performed so well and had such great effort and attitude. The Saints exceeded everyone’s expectations except their own. They were the only team at State to overachieve their seedingOur boys finished an incredible season with a 24-6 record, one of the best in St. Paul’s history!

As the boys were receiving the 3rd place trophy that is displayed in the school office window, an LSAM official told the boys to stay at mid-court as there was another major award to give out. It was announced that the Saints had won the very prestigious “Sportsmanship” trophy and banner along with the 3rd place trophy. The Russell Peck Memorial Sportsmanship award is based on points given by referees, LSAM officials, and board members. It recognizes the Christian sportsmanship of the players, cheerleaders, coaches, parents and fans. So every
person who was rooting for the Saints were part of this very special award and recognition. This award is very significant and highlights what we teach at St. Paul’s about how we represent our church, school, and Lord.

We could not be more proud of the team for playing four incredible games but also for doing it in the right way and displaying great Christian character as well. And they could not have done it alone; it was parents, cheerleaders and classmates that made the trip to Jefferson City to support this great team and this special event.

Major unforgettable memories were made for sure and we will not forget this experience and the wonderful accomplishments. Great thanks to the cheer team, Coach Cannon, Coach Ike, Mrs. Rice, and all the parents and fans. And all glory to God who gave us these talents and gifts!!