Mrs. Maria Holmes

Bienvenidos a la Clase de Espanol!

My name is Senora Maria Holmes, and it is my pleasure to be your child's Spanish Teacher.   I do love to be part of your children learning and to enrich their life as they are leaning Spanish.

I was born in Colombia, South America.  I came to the United States in 1969 with my  parents, four brothers, three sisters and my aunt.

We encountered numerous different experiences for our time as we made this our country our home.  My heritage, culture, and also my studies have given me a wealth of enrichment that I want to share.

I have been teaching over 30 years, including enrichment programs, summer camps, continuing adult educations, also at the YMCA at the Meniar Center children from 6 month to pre-school, and private lessons.  It has been such a beautiful loving experiences to see the children learn a new language-culture-traditions-songs-poems-dances-and tasted food where they continue to excel with Spanish.  What a gift!

The method I will be using at school is creating a process of language acquisition, which is the same way children learn their primary language.  Several things make the program unique.  First, games, activities, poems, drama, songs,and other culture activities are used to make the language alive.  The method is designed to create natural learning environment  that  integrates the steps process into carefully designed sequence enjoyable, engaging, and interactive listening.

  • Imitating and understanding and physical responses
  • Verbal responses with groups support
  • Individual verbal responses
  • Conversation
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Also using a variety of music, audio, material with native speakers helps the students retain newly acquired vocabulary.

Please, feel free to call me  with any questions or concerns.

314-843-0270 (Home)
314-614-3844 (Cell)  

You may also e-mail me at

Senora, Maria Holmes