Achievement Test
Data Summary

This is a brief summary of St. Paul's Lutheran School achievement test results and other academic information.  Please read the data and summary below to learn more about our students and curriculum.

K-7th Stanford Achievement Test Results

The Stanford Achievement Tests (STAT 10) are administered each April to the students in Grades K-7 at St. Paul's Lutheran School.   The scores are based on spring testing norms.

The scores listed below are percentile scores.  Percentile ranks range from a low of 1 to a high of 99, with 50 being defined as average.  The percentile score does not stand for actual amounts of knowledge; for example, a percentile score of 75 does not mean that the student or class answered 75% of the questions correctly.  A percentile rank of 75 means that the class has done as well as or better than 75% of the students or classes to which they are being compared (nationwide).

2015 Standardized Test Scores

Class Percentile Overall, 2015

8th Grade Standardized Testing

The Explore Test was given annually to all 8th Grade students in area Lutheran Schools by the St. Louis Lutheran High School Association until the Fall of 2015.  At that time, the standardized test given to current 8th Grade students was changed to the Aspire Test. The Explore Test and the Aspire Test score is a composite of four tests in English, Math, Science and Reading.  The composite test scores for our 8th graders exceeds national scores. the links above also show data for the 8th grade testing that was completed that school year.

Summary of Testing

2015 Grade Equivalent Results

Current GradeGrade Equivalent

Standardized Achievement Tests are given at St. Paul's to use as one of many tools available to evaluate the teaching and learning process.  The main benefit from achievement testing is the examination of an individual student's scores from year to year.  This provides information to determine the degree of individual student growth and rate of progress. St. Paul's Faculty and School Board annually review class achievement test scores and examine them to determine any positive or negative curricular trends that may be evident through the testing program. In general, St. Paul's has traditionally had strong academic scores on these national tests.

We are proud of our students, families, teachers, school programs and curriculum for another year of strong tests results. We pray for the development of each student as they continue to grow in the faith and their academic knowledge.  We remind each student that all gifts are given from God and their gifts and talents (whether academic, musical, or athletic) are to be used to glorify God.