2018-2019 School Theme

“God at Work”….What an appropriate School and ECC theme for the next 18 months or so.  We begin this school year with the excitement of the ground-breaking at the North Campus, watching the destruction and demolition of the 1984 wing of the school, and then being able to watch step by step as a new K-8 school building is erected.  We are so excited that this is going to occur on our campus, beginning this fall. 

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Changes for 2018-2019

With the new building and physical changes to the North Campus beginning this fall, we have made changes to classroom locations for this upcoming school year.  We assume these changes will remain in place until we are ready to move into the new K-8 building (approximately mid-year of the 2019-2020 academic year).

This begins our 29th year in which we emphasize Christian sportsmanship, skill building on the individual player's level, knowledge of the game, contests promoting self-improvement, unselfish play, and teamwork.

Celebrating your child's baptismal birthday

Celebrating your child's baptismal birthday

Guest Blog by Ann P., Parent
I remember when I was registering our Ellie for Kindergarten (now in 5th grade), having a mix of emotions as I was going through all of the questions and lines of information. I could not believe that I was actually registering my baby for school!

The "Band Thing"

St. Paul's Music Education from a Parent's Perspective

Guest Blog by Heather L., Parent

Band starts in 5th grade at St. Paul’s. Your 5th grader gets to choose between band and choir. Some years they can do both but they have to pick at least one.

Simple ways to help your child develop his/her reading skills

Simple ways to help your child develop his/her reading skills

At St. Paul's Lutheran, we utilize the balanced literacy approach. Parents often ask how they can support the work their children are doing in class when they are home. 

Here are some ways that you can help your child further develop his/her reading skills: