“Christ-centered, family feel, great academics: that’s what makes St. Paul’s special.”
-MRS. Janet Profilet, Principal

Hear directly from the school principal, teachers, parents and students about what St. Paul's means to them.
May 2019

Why choose St. Paul's Lutheran School?

  • Jesus Christ is at the center of all we do.

  • We build our curriculum on the foundation of God’s Word.

  • We uphold a rich tradition of academic excellence.

  • We empower children to be witnesses for Jesus and make God-pleasing choices.

  • We partner with the home to provide the best education possible.

Our Mission

"Strengthening the saved by equipping students to serve their neighbor and seek the lost.”

Your Choice

Families in the St. Louis area have the opportunity to choose from many strong schools. Every child is a gift from God our Father.  With these precious treasures from God, parents are called to make the right decision and prepare their children for the word around them and for the world to come. Children need to receive the very best education. The best education is not only strong in math, science, language arts, history, music, and other areas, but it must be founded in the One that will last forever – Jesus Christ. At St. Paul’s Lutheran School, the Savior stays in the center.

  • YOU have the desire to choose the solid foundation for your child.

  • YOU want your child to learn Christian values.

  • YOU want your child to succeed spiritually, academically, and personally.

  • Experiences—Today, Tomorrow, and Forever

2015 Kindergarten Authors Tea

2015 Kindergarten Authors Tea

Their Future

St. Paul’s vision statement is "Developing Caring Servant Leaders”. This is the focus in making decisions when developing and creating curriculum, programs, and experiences for our students.  We are committed to preparing our students to be caring servant leaders. Here they learn what Jesus has done for them, so they can embody that same love and become leaders in their world. Children who learn to live in service to God and others are prepared to achieve great accomplishments in the future.

We love that our daughter is being taught to filter life’s experiences through the lens of God’s Word. We love that our daughter is being taught by staff/faculty that view education as their calling from God, not just a job. We love that she is being challenged personally, emotionally, spiritually, and academically. 

-Sarah Newport


  • A Christ-centered curriculum of readiness, instruction, and experience is presented:

  • Art: experience, appreciation, and history

  • Computer: word processing, database, spreadsheets, typing skills, and Internet

  • Health: personal health, hygiene, safety, fitness, 8th grade CPR, 5th grade DARE

  • Language Arts: reading, literature, grammar, composition, public speaking, spelling, writing, and handwriting

  • Mathematics: general mathematics, consumer math, pre-algebra and algebra

  • Music: theory, appreciation, singing, choir, strings, piano

  • Physical Education: conditioning, flexibility, lifetime skills, activities, sports, sportsmanship, and rules of the game

  • Religion: doctrine, Bible history, memory work, hymn study, church history, worship, and liturgy

  • Science: earth, life, and physical science

  • Social Studies: citizenship, current events, geography, history, and sociology

  • Electives: upper grades choose from band, drama, music or art appreciation, church history, Latin, math logic, and robotics.

  • Co-Curricular: School Choir, musicals, drama

  • Extra-Curricular: cross country, soccer, volleyball, basketball, track, cheerleading, National Junior Honor Society, student council, yearbook

Student Life

A day in the life of a student at St. Paul’s includes a daily Christian walk, along with strong academic and extra-curricular programs. Faculty, staff, and facilities are all part of the experience.

  • Daily religious instruction.

  • Weekly chapel services with guest speakers.

  • Confirmation instruction by Pastors for 8th grade.

  • Resource Room Available

  • Accelerated Courses in Mathematics

  • Block-Scheduling for Grades 5-8

  • Music offerings (School Choir 5-8, Band 5-8, Private Piano instruction 2-8, Private String instruction)

  • Musicals and Plays (8th Grade Play, 1-4 Musical biennial, 5-8 Musical annual)

  • Field Trips (local, out of town, and overnight depending on grade level)

  • Outside Resources (DARE, Junior Achievement, Mo. Department of Conservation)

  • Spelling Bees, Geography Bee, Bible Bee, Science Fair, Math Competition, Academic Fair

  • Standardized Testing (K-7 Stanford 10, Grade 8 Explore (ACT)

  • Interscholastic Sports Program (Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Cross-Country, Track, Cheerleading)

  • Before and After School Care Programs

  • Summer Sports Camps

  • Summer Academic Camps/Classes—Marine Biology (Florida) and Washington DC & Williamsburg Field Trips

  • Qualified, Professional Faculty (Synodicially trained, av. 17 years experience, 60% with Master Degrees, with part-time teachers in PE, Art, and Music Specialties)

  • Caring Support Staff (School Nurse, Teacher Aides, Secretaries)

  • Average Class Sizes 18-22

  • Two school locations (K-Grade 2 South Campus) (Grades 3-8 North Campus)

  • Two kindergarten programs (Full Day & ½ Day)

  • Standardized Dress

  • Computer labs and libraries at both campuses

  • SMART boards, Computer, Internet, TV, DVD players in each room

  • National Lutheran School Accreditation, as well as Missouri Non-Public School Accreditation

Comments from St. Paul’s Parents

"I am thrilled with the curriculum and the spiritual support given to my child. We feel a true bond with the faculty and other students and their families.”

"I think St. Paul’s is doing a wonderful job with our children. The teachers and staff are informative, professional, and loving. Our children love school.”

"The community feel and the Christian education at St. Paul’s are excellent and difficult to find elsewhere. We feel there is a hidden treasure in Des Peres”

"The foundation that my children received at St. Paul’s is immeasurable. "A great place to grow” is our Lutheran Schools theme and that is exactly how I feel. St. Paul’s has helped my children not only with their education but with their Christian walk as well.”

We encourage you to visit our campuses to witness our Caring Servant Leaders.   

Other Ministries:

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