Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available for tuition through an Endowment Fund and a St. Paul’s Scholarship Fund. Contact the school office or school principal as early as possible for information and application materials.

There is a currently a scholarship specifically designated for seminary families that have school age children. Applications for scholarships are to be completed by June 15 to be considered for the academic year’s tuition assistance.

Please contact the school office for additional information at (314) 822-2771.

Recruitment Incentives

All current St. Paul’s School Families or Staff Members are encouraged to market the school and recruit new families. The intent of this program is to create an incentive for St Paul’s families to initiate actions to recruit new students not to reduce the tuition of current students. Individuals requesting the incentive credit must certify their actions were within this intent.

Each St. Paul’s family (member or non-member) and staff members are eligible to receive a 25% reduction in annual tuition for one full year when they directly recruit a new student/family to St. Paul’s Lutheran School.

The 25% incentive recruitment is per student recruited and applies to tuition only. All other fees are payable at the normal rate. Examples of how the 25% incentive will be applied:

1. A family of three St. Paul’s member students recruits a family with two new students, the current family receives 25% off two separate current tuition rates. Two of their three tuition amounts would be reduced by 25%.

2. A non-member who recruits a non-member student would receive 25% off one student’s non-member tuition. If a non-member recruits a member student, they would still receive a 25% reduction; however on the member rate.

3. A St. Paul’s member or staff member who recruits a new member student would receive 25% off their annual member tuition rate on one child.

4. St Paul’s staff members who directly recruit (except as excluded below) and do not have children attending St. Paul’s will receive a cash “bonus” of 25% of the teacher tuition cost.

  • The following situations are specifically precluded from being eligible for the tuition reduction or recruitment bonus: 
  • A kindergarten child of existing school families or St Paul’s church members is not eligible. 
  • A kindergarten child who was at any time in the past 2 years enrolled in St Paul’s PDO or ECC 4’s is not eligible. 
  • Members of an existing St Paul’s family newly attending when part of the family is in attendance are not eligible. 
  • A child recruited who is the basis for obtaining the credit may be counted for the credit only once in the period K-8. Only one payment is allowed. Multiple recruitment incentives will not be paid on the same child. 
  • A family previously attending St Paul’s, departing on sabbatical or other assignment away and returning is not eligible. 
  • Contact made with St Paul’s staff via Open House, scheduled tours and unsolicited phone calls are not eligible. Any other contact made by staff as part of the staff’s paid official duties is not eligible for the bonus. 
  • A child may not be recruited and made the beneficiary of the incentive. A form of recruitment acknowledgement will be completed by both parties (Current St. Paul’s family or staff member and the new family) prior to tuition credits being processed. 

    If there is a situation not covered above, the School Board will be the ultimate authority in determining if the request falls within the intent of this policy. The Boards actions will be final in any dispute.