St. Paul’s Lutheran After School Homework

SPLASH, St. Paul's after school care program, is held daily at the South Campus. Students from the NC needing care are transported to the SC.

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K-4 Students: Jr. Splash

5-8 Students: Sr. Splash

The SPLASH after school program is run by members of the staff and and qualified individuals. The program assists students with their daily and long range homework, provides a snack, and supervises free time.

After School Care Fees

The SPLASH program for 2019-2020 costs a $10 flat daily rate for after school care, a snack, and homework tutoring until 6 p.m. each day.  Students in grades K-8 can attend and can only be picked up by indicated persons on their enrollment form. Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle in their backpack to use at SPLASH.

Fees are due by the end of each month. Checks are to be made payable to St. Paul’s Lutheran School. St. Paul’s Lutheran School Tax ID Number is 430687407

For additional questions about our after school care program, please contact Mrs. Bev Gruenwald at