St. Paul's Lutheran School Reviews

"If I were to describe St Paul's Lutheran school in one word, it would be Family. School is more than just academics, though we have those in spades.  It is growing up, growing in Christ , growing in sportsmanship, growing in confidence, growing through success and growing through failure.  Growing up is hard enough.  St Paul's is a Christian environment for the children and their parents.  I remember the first time I heard the quote, "It takes a village."  I didn't get it.  Now that I am a parent, I get it and get to live it daily.  I am forever grateful for the friends that my children have made and for the parents at St Paul's that I am privileged to call friends.  

St Paul's is home."  


"There are so many reasons we chose St. Paul’s for our daughter’s education. Class size, high curriculum standards, opportunities for athletics… We love that our daughter is being taught to filter life’s experiences through the lens of God’s Word. We love that our daughter is being taught by staff/faculty that view education as their calling from God, not just a job. We love that she is being challenged personally, emotionally, spiritually, and academically. But the thing that sealed the deal was the warm welcome we received when we first visited the school. The students made my daughter feel like she has always been part of the St. Paul’s family. The parents have done the same thing for me! We are thankful every day for God leading us to St. Paul’s. We know that the St. Paul legacy will serve her well in the years to come."

-Sarah Newport

Sending my children to St. Paul's is one of the best choices I've made for them. I can trust that they're with people that have their best interests at heart, providing them a Christ-centered focus and a strong education.


"When my son was entering Kindergarten, I toured 15 different schools in West County before selecting St. Paul's. We are so happy with the school and the community it provides our family. The teachers are incredibly talented and loving individuals. The smaller class size allows my son to get extra time and allows the teachers the ability to adapt to the needs of the students on a given day. Other perks: centrally located at Ballas & Manchester, balanced literacy reading program, piano lessons start in grade 2 and can be taken during the day, the after care program is pay as you need it (only $10 per day), strong PTL and parent involvement, smartboards in all classrooms, strong commitment to the success of all students! We love it here!"

- Parent, GreatSchools.org

"We have 2 kids at St. Pauls, and are extremely happy with the Christ- centered education they are receiving. The academic programs are strong, the teachers are fully engaged, and the growth that we have seen in our children is quite impressive. For any family that may be exploring education options, I can highly recommend St. Paul's Lutheran."

- Parent, GreatSchools.org